Lifting League Update

This weekend will see some of the final matches of the “lifting League”

As grass roots or inter club comps go I don’t think it could be better.

Oxford Powersports takes on the historic Bethnal Green WLC, now OXP is formerly Morris Motors WLC which is 49 years old. Bethnal is over 80 years and rising!

The League is a fresh and relaxed idea, attempting to flow with the current lifting culture. I know that all clubs have introduced new stock in this format. One individual at our club has entered at this level and quickly grabbed a medal at the British champs, not bad.

It’s great that the two oldest clubs are about to thrash it out for a pop at the top team St Birinus. Birinus coached by Phil Karlson has a good set of young lifters. Top that with the possibility of Ben Watson of team GB lifting, you have a difficult team to beat. Whoever wins between Bethnal and OXP must take it’s absolute best team of the year.

All teams will know the difficulty of holding on to a consistently good team, or taking newer less ranked lifters when the hotshots are elsewhere. To me it makes us throw the net wider and work harder for good stock.

Whichever team wins this weekend and goes on to topple St Birinus off the top, will start next season at the bottom of the table. I can tell you that is a difficult place to be, but an observance of rule number one nonetheless.

I am taking a team to win this weekend, Giles is ready too. He wants to win as much as I do, I wanted to wish him and his team good luck. But for the two hours of competition ahead, they are the enemy!!

I’m happy for either of our teams to take on St B at the end of the day. But I intend it to be us.

The plans for for next years team sessions are in planning now, another blog on that in the future.

Good luck Giles and team!